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Homeowners insurance, auto coverage, and life insurance are the basics types of protection most people consider when shopping around for insurance. People should also be aware of other types of insurance including umbrella insurance, motorcycle, boat and watercraft coverage and insurance for your RV. When purchasing coverage for your home or automobile, you may also want to speak with our independent insurance agents about other types of protection you might need.

Umbrella insurance is a policy that takes over where your home and auto coverage leaves off. If you are involved in a serious accident, you could be sued for more than the policy limits on your regular insurance. Purchasing an umbrella insurance policy for a million dollars or more is surprisingly affordable in Utah. Our independent insurance agents with Liability Management Group can help you compare quotes and rates for a plan that meets your needs.

Other insurance needs could include coverage for your motorcycle, boat, or jet ski. People sometime assume these items will be covered by their homeowners or auto insurance plan, but usually that is not the case. In Utah, you should talk with insurance professionals about the type of coverage you need for these items. Often you can find affordable coverage that won't break the bank. In addition, if you own an RV, you will probably need specific coverage for this type of vehicle. If you only use the RV a few months out of the year, there are special types of coverage that makes insurance coverage even more affordable. The best way to find great coverage is to compare rates and quotes with multiple providers. Our independent agents with Liability Management Group can help you find the best insurance coverage for all of your valuable items. Give us a call today.


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